Summer Anime Season!

Monday, June 29, 2015
It is getting that time again, the spring anime season is wrapping up and the new summer season is descending upon us. Add in the looming Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con and all the news that we are going to be getting and things start to get a lot crazier and completely glorious for fandom.

Clearly there is a lot going on, and will be happening very shortly. And post about them will come in time. But for now I want to talk about the upcoming summer anime season, and am I excited. Probably am jumping the gun as a manor of speaking seeing as I still want to do some posts about some of the series I have been following in the spring season, but with new announcements popping up there is not much time to waste!

Within the start of this year I have gotten much more heavily into anime, and been trying to closely follow series during their seasons runs; winter I failed at, but spring was a improvement. Perhaps after watching various series, posts and such I have gotten a better grasp on it all. So this season I am being oddly and perhaps overly ambitious with my selections.

Before I tried to keep my selections limited, and even ended up dropping a few series a few episodes in. However when going though the list of all the upcoming animes for the season I found myself drawn to quite a few titles, after complaining my list I was actually shocked to see the count tallied up to seventeen.

Admittedly it is rather excessive, or rather extremely. That fact becomes very apparent when I remind myself that I have Camp NaNoWriMo  starting in less than two days on top of everything else. And with a word-count goal of sixty-thousand and a strong possibility of finishing my last first draft of my first novel...yeah, it really is crazy.

But that alone means more blog posts!

Back to anime. For some reason it seems like summer's season falls more in-line with my tastes and the fact that so many titles have caught my eye is a great thing as it is more series to watch and hopefully love. Really am hoping I do not end up dropping any series!

Here is a quick run-down of the series I am planning on following this season and will be reviewing here. I might do bi-weekly reviews for each series re-caping two episodes due to the shear mass of series, or weekly- let me know your thoughts.


Friday, June 26, 2015
So. Beyond. Excited. *Insert fangirl scream here.*

Ever since the announcement months ago that NIS America would be releasing the Love Live movie to  select theaters I have not only found myself excited, but also stalking their social media outlets for details as I hoped that it would be shown at a theater relatively close to me.

The fact that I was away for the day and completely offline today, and the fact that the S.H. Figurarts START: Dash Honka Kosaka came today make it much more ironic that NIS released their list of locations, dates and even ticket orders.

I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I did not go into complete and total fangirl mode and scream. Because I did, and scared my cats in the process. Granted, my reaction was not quite the the level as it was back five years ago when news of Darkwing's comics broke, or when I seen the press release for DuckTales return. Those where very extreme and emotional reactions- but just like with Love Live, I do not regret them.

I had been hoping that Cleveland would be one of the cities listed, seeing as I live in the area and it really is no big deal going to whatever theater. But being Love Live and being a fan I was basically just happy at the prospect of it being shown close enough I could go and not have to wait for who knows how long until the Blu-Ray release.

For once I got lucky, Love Live School Idol Movie did in fact make it here in Ohio. More specifically to Columbus, and that is fantastic. I had no hesitations and already purchased my ticket for the film. Normally I am not someone who really likes to go theaters, but for fandom- and Love Live it is worth it.

I have already seen full, spoiler filled reviews and summaries of the movie (something I typically do because waiting is something of a work in progress, he-he) and am that much more excited to actually see the story unfold on the silver screen as I ball my eyes out.

Now just to wait seventy-seven days, and yes, I will be counting down and blogging about it all. The only thing left to say is this; THANK YOU NIS AMERICA, Muse, music start!

Miraculous Ladybug To Nick- And Why I Am Skeptical

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Ah, I am back. True to my word I am getting back into blogging. And what better article than on a property I have been watching for some time now a little French-Japaneses-Koren series known as Miarculous Ladybug- or Ladybug for short, seeing as it is nearly midnight as I write this probably will be favoring Ladybug. :)

 Before I dive into the series, and moreover why pray-tell I am skeptical, huge thanks and shout-out to The Rise and Fall of Nick for this post where I first came across the news. Also shout-out to LoliWinx. And for the record I am completely kicking myself for not seeing this sooner.

Right now we are at a point where we know a lot about Ladybug, but at the same time not a lot. This project, a collaborative effort between many studios and companies including the likes of Toei and Disney in addition to others, PGS Entertainment, Zagtoon, Method Animation and more. (How did Nick get rights to this then? I seriously have no idea.)

The series centers around Marinette Cheng, from a glance Marinette (voiced by the amazing Chritina Vee!) is your typical Parisian teenage girl. Except she harbors a secret, that she is also Ladybug a superhero able to transform and save her city from danger. But Marinette is not the only champion of right protecting Paris, another teen (incidentally enough one of her classmates and crush) Adrein bares another identity- Cat Noir. Together the two work to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning normal citizens evil, and remain clueless about the other's civilian's self.

The series has come a long way since news of it spread back in 2012- three years! Just look at all the trailers and videos, the series has changed some. Originally the series was intended to have art style more reflective that of anime, however the product that awaits fans is a CGI version. And personally, I cannot help but to feel a bit dishearten at the change. I am sure that there must be a good reason for the change, and it will probably will not be something effecting the writing. Outside of the summary provided, and my love of magical girls; the anime-esque art-style was a big draw. Seeing it gone is saddening, but the CGI does look pretty good. Just please, no Sailor Moon Crystal level animation errors, please!!

After following this for a while it is nice to see some sold news, and moreover know that it is coming to America. Granted I would have been thrilled if it was simply on Crunchyroll for streaming! But somehow Nick got the rights...

As glad as I am for this series to be starting, and glad that I can watch and support it- I am not excited at Nick having the rights. To be honest, it worries me deeply. Ladybug has a lot going for it and a lot of great people and companies involved in the creation. We even have BANDAI making merchandise.

Still Nick...I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. But for anyone that followed Winx Club you know as well as I what their fate became. How Nick treated, and still is treating the series. Several countries have already revived and started airing season seven- and here in America we still have episodes to go. At first Nick was decent enough to Winx, but slowly started to move the show's time, give poor time-slots, little to no adds for the series and their line of JAKKS dolls and goods, and overall treated the series badly.

Even though I have yet to see more than the trailers for Ladybug I know that I do not want to see this become their fate. I do not want the series to get lost in who knows what. I want to see Ladybug do well. I want it to show just how grand magical girls truly are and inspire viewers.

I want it to do as well as it possibly can.

But I fear that Nick will do with it as they do with anything that is good and harbors great potential-  treat it like shear and utter crap. No one wants that.

Regardless I will be here, waiting for fall when the series debuts here and blogging along the way. Hoping for the best and going to try and do what I can to see what I hope is another series I can place proudly beside the likes of Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica on my bookcase.

Ladybug, I will be rooting for you.

After all, we need more magical girls!

Revamp For A New Chapter

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Hi all!

Welcome back, or if you are new simply welcome.

It has been a while since I have typed up a blog post, it is oddly nostalgic. It has been a great while since I last did a post over here, and morose since I closed my first and largest web-site, Winx 4 Life. To be very honest I have missed blogging dearly and life, being life, seemed to always go against me making my return. Until now that is.

A lot has changed since I first created this site way back in 2012, even though that is only three years difference quite a bit has changed. Not only have I graduated from high school and college, but I have also grown a great deal as a writer and my interests and tastes have altered some. Time does change quite a bit.

For anyone who has been here before you might take note that the title of the blog has changes from Authoress' Inspiration to Authoress' Wings, a name that has become a common username I use. One thing, however, that has not changed is the ascetics of blog. Originally I wanted to code a new web-site and make something new entirely by scratch, but I was not really finding a server I liked to do so. Meh. I do still intend on creating a web-site from scratch and maintaining it, but it is not going to be for a bit as a lot is going on and it is not going to be for this site.

By now you probably are thinking what pray-tell this site is and Ella stop rambling. First, apologizes for the rambling and for it in the future. And second Authoress' Wings is -with any luck- going to become the site I always dreamed of having. A web-site filled with reviews, news and opinion based articles for a wide array of geeky, pop culture goodness.

Not only am I continuously writing original fan fiction and this blog, I am also a writer over at BSCKids. So jump over there for even more of my articles.

It is my goal not only to try and get at least two articles a week up for you all, but to also see the site grown and expand as a new chapter starts.