Friday, June 26, 2015
So. Beyond. Excited. *Insert fangirl scream here.*

Ever since the announcement months ago that NIS America would be releasing the Love Live movie to  select theaters I have not only found myself excited, but also stalking their social media outlets for details as I hoped that it would be shown at a theater relatively close to me.

The fact that I was away for the day and completely offline today, and the fact that the S.H. Figurarts START: Dash Honka Kosaka came today make it much more ironic that NIS released their list of locations, dates and even ticket orders.

I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I did not go into complete and total fangirl mode and scream. Because I did, and scared my cats in the process. Granted, my reaction was not quite the the level as it was back five years ago when news of Darkwing's comics broke, or when I seen the press release for DuckTales return. Those where very extreme and emotional reactions- but just like with Love Live, I do not regret them.

I had been hoping that Cleveland would be one of the cities listed, seeing as I live in the area and it really is no big deal going to whatever theater. But being Love Live and being a fan I was basically just happy at the prospect of it being shown close enough I could go and not have to wait for who knows how long until the Blu-Ray release.

For once I got lucky, Love Live School Idol Movie did in fact make it here in Ohio. More specifically to Columbus, and that is fantastic. I had no hesitations and already purchased my ticket for the film. Normally I am not someone who really likes to go theaters, but for fandom- and Love Live it is worth it.

I have already seen full, spoiler filled reviews and summaries of the movie (something I typically do because waiting is something of a work in progress, he-he) and am that much more excited to actually see the story unfold on the silver screen as I ball my eyes out.

Now just to wait seventy-seven days, and yes, I will be counting down and blogging about it all. The only thing left to say is this; THANK YOU NIS AMERICA, Muse, music start!


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