Revamp For A New Chapter

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Hi all!

Welcome back, or if you are new simply welcome.

It has been a while since I have typed up a blog post, it is oddly nostalgic. It has been a great while since I last did a post over here, and morose since I closed my first and largest web-site, Winx 4 Life. To be very honest I have missed blogging dearly and life, being life, seemed to always go against me making my return. Until now that is.

A lot has changed since I first created this site way back in 2012, even though that is only three years difference quite a bit has changed. Not only have I graduated from high school and college, but I have also grown a great deal as a writer and my interests and tastes have altered some. Time does change quite a bit.

For anyone who has been here before you might take note that the title of the blog has changes from Authoress' Inspiration to Authoress' Wings, a name that has become a common username I use. One thing, however, that has not changed is the ascetics of blog. Originally I wanted to code a new web-site and make something new entirely by scratch, but I was not really finding a server I liked to do so. Meh. I do still intend on creating a web-site from scratch and maintaining it, but it is not going to be for a bit as a lot is going on and it is not going to be for this site.

By now you probably are thinking what pray-tell this site is and Ella stop rambling. First, apologizes for the rambling and for it in the future. And second Authoress' Wings is -with any luck- going to become the site I always dreamed of having. A web-site filled with reviews, news and opinion based articles for a wide array of geeky, pop culture goodness.

Not only am I continuously writing original fan fiction and this blog, I am also a writer over at BSCKids. So jump over there for even more of my articles.

It is my goal not only to try and get at least two articles a week up for you all, but to also see the site grown and expand as a new chapter starts.


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