Castle Town Dandelion Episiode Two

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Going off my previous post involving voting, it only seemed somewhat fitting to shift gears to episode two and three of Castle Town Dandelion.

I know that, technically, the rule is that you give a series three episodes leave-way before you decide if you are going to stick with it or not. I suppose I missed that memo in my newbie shuffle. But after so far in and not caring what I was seeing, well... that is beside the point and border-line rambling.

I had a rather good feeling about this series from the get go, and now three episodes in I see that I was correct about it and there is no question that this is a strong series for the season and possibly one that can become a favorite.

But I could do without all the fan-service, really I could. Unless we are talking about fan-service a la Uta no Prince Sama ( so I have a thing for STARISH... he-he) then I am not that interested thank you very much.

It has been a while since I have seen a series that broke the episodes into parts. In a way it takes me back to watching Kim Possible and Lilo and Stitch, series that often ran with that type of formatting. Needless to say there might have been some slight nostalgic moments on my end. But even though it does make things interesting and permits a single episode to shift attention in a cohesive manor to various members of the large cast, I do hope that we will see some of the remaining episodes act with one main story-line consuming the entire twenty-four minute episode.

Episode Two;

- Big Sister's Good Image: Much like what we seen in part of the first episode, the true heart of this half centers around our protagonist Akane and Kanade as they make their way to school.Clocking in at less than ten minutes the segment does not necessarily do a lot for the over-all plot bar killing any desire Akane might have of becoming king will a peaceful life out of the camera's lenses.  However it does highlight more of both sisters. Even though we first meet Kanade, along with rest of the family, last time we are finally able to learn more about the raven-hared princess. Unlike her sister, Kanade is much more serious and has a strong front-face and a desire for the crown to match. Even though she can seem a little on the cold side towards Akane, and even annoyed, she deeply cares for it. When Akane rushes into the busy road to save a kitten from potentially being killed by a on-coming truck, Kanade uses her powers of materialize anything she wished (and later have said amount withdrawn from her bank account) to create a wall in the middle of the street to stop the driver before he reached Akane.

-Sato's Unrequired Love: Out of the two story-lines in episode two I have to admit that this was clearly my least favorite and places the core focus on Sato Hana, a classmate of Shu from back in fourth grade, who has a rather bad crush on the oldest prince. Most of the episode centers around Hana and her friends as she attempts to navigate her feelings for the prince. With some embarrassing instances, of course.

Perhaps the biggest redeeming factor is that this tale offers up a sub-plot that does something for the  main plot, this time it is involving the oldest six Sakurada siblings drawing straws for weekly chores. Much to her dismay, and luck, Akane finds herself stuck with groceries for the week. A fact that causes her to freak out and beg for some way out, otherwise she is stuck being caught by the cameras. After some, er- venting, Shu offers to trade assignments with his younger sister- that is in exchange for her styling her twin-tale up higher for three weeks.

The story comes full circle when one day after dismissal Hana realizes she has not said good-bye to Shu and rushes out to do so, only to find herself deadpanned when she sees him walking away with another girl standing close. Rather than going off in a different direction, Hana decides to follow the duo. It is not until she is confronted in a ally and face to face with Shu, and the girl- his sister Akane, does Hana realize she has made a error and confesses her feelings.

Such a statement catches Shu off guard and even embarrasses, and Akane a bit red in the face as she stands to the side. After the intimate shock wares off Shu admits that for now he wants to focus on the election- but Hana insist that she will wait. After some serious blushing, Shu agrees that after taht he will return her feelings.

But it seems like that might be too soon for even Shu to act on such feelings as later that night he calls Hana. Perhaps there is a bit more than meets the eye

Over-all episode two, despite not being the strongest, was a good one. We got to see some development in terms of relationships between the siblings. Granted it was mostly ones between Akane and Kana or Shu, but things are starting to become established.

I have already viewed episode three, so with any luck that review will be up shortly. I also wanted to offer up a quick apology for just how slow the blog posts are coming, things off-line have been crazy and I am in the mist of Camp NaNoWriMo (which I am failing at unless I can do a major kick up in word-count!!!), so again a lot going on. More first impressions, and reviews will be coming!

Thanks all!


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