Castle Town Dandelion Episodes Three and Four

Monday, July 27, 2015

There is fan-service, and then there is fan-service.

And Castle Town Dandelion has more than you can shake a stick at.

Because I am so tragically behind on reviews and posts here (not forgetting- things have been crazy, Midnight is being a royal pain plus some more technical issues), I am going to be pushing to get more reviews out in groups such as this in attempts to catch-up.

Spoilers below!

Episode Three:

*I Wanna Be Popular-  By now it is clear that our protagonist Akane be one of the unluckiest characters in a great while- a trend that continues as she once again as she draw groceries yet again for her weekly chore assignment.  But this time no one offers to swap roles, but rather younger sister Hikair tags along. Even though we do get to see more of Akane, and her relationship with the younger elementary school aged sister, it is truly Hikari who takes the center of the story.

Unlike her older, shy as they come sister, Hikair loves the spotlight and longs to become popular and appear older than what she is. In truth her reasons are questionable as she wants to use her powers to develop her body.

So when she wanders off from Akane and comes across a cat in a tree she uses that as justification to use her powers and make herself not only older and taller to reach said cat, but also gain some positive press as she saves a innocent animal from a tree. But because she is now bigger her dress no longer fits properly and the effects are lasting for twenty-four hours, the only choice at hand is to shrink down Akane so they can swap apparel.

The best aspect had to be the expression on Hikair' face when asked why she simply did not shrink the tree instead- for that there is no answer.

*First Errand- By now we are slowly starting to see more and more the various siblings and their relationships with one another, rather than focusing on x's relationship as he or she has their story with Akane, First Errand focuses on the two youngest members of the family. Shiori, the sweet baby of the family with the ability to converse with animals and objects (even I  envious of that power!) and the bit more over-the-top Teru with the power of super-strength.

The main plot is rather simple, and centers around the two facing various 'trails' as they take the shopping trip (originally assigned to Akane- surprise) upon themselves.

In truth, there is not a great deal to say about this segment as it very light- and equally sweet. Even though Teru believes that he is protecting his little sister, it is in fact Shiori that is doing the protecting.

*Life As An Idol- This final bit wraps up the third episode and once again retains the focus on Hikari. After seeing the latest poll results for the upcoming election she starts to try and garnish more popularity. To do this she decides to audition to become a idol. But the catch is that the audition is only for middle school students, not elementary.   

But with her power of God's Hand she can make herself older, and that she does.

Out of the three segments it is the final one that is the most bothersome as it feels both rushed and thrown together with a resolve that achieves nothing.

Episode Four:

*The Royal Princess' Skirt- With a title like that you can take a good guess at what happens in this episode.

To make a long story consuming about  half the episode's running time, the story once again finds itself centered upon Akane, whom arrives at school lacking something of great importance- her skirt. For the better part of the episode Akane seems not only completely aware of the lack of clothing, but the why she is gaining so much attention from everyone. Her best friend, among others, are conflicted in regards to saying something to her or not in fear of what the response will be. After all this is the true meaning of awkward. Is there even a correct thing to do in this case?

As the school day drums on Akane finds herself at the center of rumors about her bottom-less state that expands out from her own grade and across the entire school. After hearing the rumor, Kana calls for her sister to come to the student council room. Not thinking anything other than it was odd for her sister to use the school's PA system to contact her, Akane heads out and as she does so a large cluster of hormonal teenage boys tail her in hopes of seeing up her long shirt to see if she even has underwear on.

At one point Akane not only finds herself before her sister, but the mass of male students. It is at this point does Akane realize just why she has been noted more than usual. Very casually she explains that in route to school her skirt tore so she opted for a pair of shorts. To illustrate her point she raises her shirt and sweater to show said shorts to her audience. It is commented how they look like underwear leading to the males breaking out in nose bleeds and Kana shaking her head as Akane freaks out.

*The Mysterious Student Council President- Upon hearing that the school will be partaking in the town beautification day Akane starts to fret over the upcoming weekend affair as it places her in direct line of fire of the cameras. But as we see this is not a problem limited to Akane herself, as a group of male students have banned together to form a club in her honor in hopes of doing what they can for the princess. Even thought it is suggest by a few members that they protest the student council's plans, their president shoots them down. Despite wanting to help Akane, he also bares a bit of a crush on her and enjoys seeing her flustered.

The majority of the episode features both the president and Akane going back and forth between the three oldest Sakurada siblings to determine what they should, or should not do in regards.

Even though I had been enjoying the series, and able to write off most of the fan-service, episode four was perhaps over-kill in that department. I understand as well as anyone actually can the placement for fan-service, but still....

This meme is more than fitting.

Bar that, the past two episode where not all that great as nothing stood out and there where some issues narrative wise. Now that we are starting to get into the meat of the story I hope we can see the main objective of the election become more prominent and more of the Sakurada siblings' relationships, minus Akane, strongly defined and even see some parent interaction as that has been very limited. So far we have gotten chances to see some one-on-one time with all of the sibling bar Misaki.  With any luck next week we will her.


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