First Impressions: Snow White with the Red Hair

Thursday, July 9, 2015
After looking over my previous first impressions post, featuring three different series, I realizes that not only did I dislike how it was complied, but it also was very discorded. Instead I will be doing individual post for each series' first impressions, and later weekly reviews.

As you can guess this blog is about a little series known as Snow White with the Red Hair.

Fairy-tales have always been a rather major staple in the various mediums of pop culture, due to that fact they are often very overly used and end up being troops. As of now there is a lot going on with fairy-tales; from all the Disney live-action films, Ever After High, and the upcoming Disney Channel movie Descendants- yeah, there is a lot and it is easy to feel 'meh' about fairy-tales after consuming so much.

Despite it all, Snow White with the Red Hair was a true breath of fresh-air with stunning animation with great writing that offered a new, refreshing spin on the old fable.

The story starts with our protagonist, Shirayuki, a young woman with uncommon bright apple-red hair that makes her gain attention from the prince of her kingdom. So much in fact that he summons her to become his concubine. Rather than being flattered or elated at the information, Shirayuki is disgusted and even remarks that she would be a embarrassment as much. With no other choice Shirayuki makes the decision to leave her kingdom- and life as a herbalist-  and set out on a new chapter.

After leaving getting across the border, Skirakyuki wanders through the forest trying to find her way. Some time passes and she comes across a empty house, unable to enter inside Skirakyuki falls asleep at the side of the building. The next morning she meets three others who use said house as a hang-out. One of which, Zen, takes a liking to her quickly. After returning from a walk, Shirayuki and Zen find a basket of apples at the door- one of which is poisoned.

Clearly I am not going to give everything away, because this is a series worth a watch. :)

There are a some of classic Snow White elements presented in the first episode, as to be expected, but the series does not go over-board with it and is able to give their own spin on the classic fable. Snow White with the Red Hair is not your run of the mill Snow White adaptation.

Shirayuki is not like her other Snow White counterparts; she is very smart, selfless and caring. She is willing to do what she needs to do, not only her her sake, but also for others and is a very strong woman. On the other hand there is Zen, who again is not like other counterparts similar to himself, to say more could lead to spoiling.

Ever since I first heard about this series I have been exited (and now want to find that manga!) and looking forward to it greatly. Even to the point of calling my most anticipated series of the summer. And after seeing the first episode I am glad to see my intuition was right.

Even though I am a non-romantic type, I do like the prospect of Shirayuki and Zen developing something more, moreso as I actually like both of them.

Overall Snow White with the Red Hair holds a lot of promise and delivers a strong opening that is leaving me wanting more. The series blends the classic roots of Snow White in with a new take on the series.

Picked-up and counting the days until the next episode!


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