Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Episode 14 Review

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Hi everyone, at long last a new review is up and this time the idols from Idolmaster's Cinderella Girls have returned from a season long break for the rest of the series.

As always spoilers below!

 Being that this is a continuation of a series that I had been following closely since the first episode back in the winter anime season this is not going to be a first impressions post, but rather a review as you can presume from the title.

With Sailor Moon Crystal just ending today (ah! going to be blogging about that later), it was great to have another returning title to this season as almost a stand-in. Not that Cinderella Girls and Crystal are on the same- you get the point.

Originally I did start streaming this episode over at Daisuki yesterday, however after having issues with the app and web-site I found myself frustrated and unsure if I was going to be able to stream the series. Luckily news broke today that the entire series (the first thirteen episodes and new episode fourteen) have been added to Hulu. A silver lining.

But the MA warning at the start was a oddity to say the least.

Okay I have go on enough, so best to just jump into the show. Episode fourteen; Who Is the Lady in the Castle?

A month after the events of the previous episode we find our Cinderellas' enjoying their lives that have been transformed from that of ordinary girls to one as idols and living like fairy-tale princesses that have gotten their wishes become reality. The new opening and first few minutes clearly depicts that all of the units are doing well and the future is bright.

But like any fairy-tale, well, things might not be as grand as the princess might believe based on what she sees. And a new arrival, the daughter of the agency's president Executive Director Mishiro, suddenly shifts the demeanor of the typically happy-go-lucky and upbeat series. She is capable, confident and no nonsense.

Most of the episode seems to act as a re-introduction to our idols and Producer as they collaborate in together to help find who or what is stalking the Producer. In the mist of the somewhat crazed action we get to see some of the units in action, more dynamics within the group and have some new faces added into the equation that will probably be appear as the series continues on.

Two of the faces worth nothing are that of two of Rin's old classmates, both of which are idols from other productions. Even though they appear to admit Rin for her performance during the last episode, the fact that they in-fact could one day become rivals.

For the most part it was a rather slow, and uneventful episode with the only take away that some of the new faces might become larger aspects to the plot as the story continues on. If it was not for the final scene at the end you could almost write the episode off. Almost.

So far we have seen most of the conflict in the series come from the characters' actions, or lack there of.  From Mio's discouragement after the first performance to Producer's short-comings understanding Ranko, everything has more or less been inflicted by one's self either directly or not. 

But the power-play of Mishiro decided to clean-house and dissolve all idols of 346 Productions- is bold to say the least. Even from the little we have seen of Mishiro she appears to be a strong business woman who more likely than not wants to do what she thinks is best for the company.  Not to say that it is the best thing. 

Up until this point the girls have been having it rather easy, sure they work hard and there are challenges- but none to this level. At last we see something that is not only going to make the idols grow, but perhaps grow closer.

In my book this is what Cinderella Girls needed- a new end-game with high stakes.


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