Love Live Re-watch and Review: Season One, Episode One

Monday, August 17, 2015
With the North America theatrical release of the Love Live movie less than a month away, more t-minus twenty-five more days, you can image that there are rather high levels of fangirling occuring on my end. With that and having Love Live listed as one of the countless series I wanted to review here on a ever-growing list, now seemed like the perfect chance.

So for the next twenty-six days I will be posting reviews of the entire series leading up to the movie's arrival. 

 I feel that as a disclaimer I should note that when I first walking into the series I did no research before hand like I typically do. All I knew was the summary as in the RightSuf catalog months before (incidentally it was marked high on my list of series to seek out) and that it was commonly displayed on Cruchyroll's home-page. Outside of that, zip. I had no clue just how big the series was until after I finished binge-watching the series.

Yes, I completely binge-watched the series in about three days time. It was had to stop as I just wanted to continue to see the next episode. I somehow allowed myself to get so deeply drawn in during such a short period of time.

 Of course specifics will be highlighted as they appear.

Of course, spoilers will be below the break!

 Now without further ramblings here we go. Season one, episode one- May Our Dreams Come True!
Due to low enrollment numbers, Otonokizka High School is slated to close in three years time. For any student this would naturally be that of troubling news, but to Honaka the news is devastating.Not only does she find her aspirations of a brilliant high school on the path to farewell, but also the legacy her family has attached with the school her mother and even grandmother attended. Knowing that her sister and others will be able to apply is disheartening to say the least. But Honaka loves school far too much to at least try and not do what she can. To think she will be one of the last graduating

But even with the collaboration of her friends, Kotori and Umi, the girls are unable to find anything that can use to attract prospective students. Even though their school is great there is nothing very notable about it; no great achievements or thrills to set it apart from other high schools. Needless to say Honaka is less than thrilled when she discovers her sister is looking into other high schools for her upcoming high school years. More specifically, UTX High School. A modern high school with a popular idol group know as A-Rise that has gathered a lot of attention.

Wanting to see it for herself, Honaka makes a pit stop on her way to school the next morning to see a crowd gathered in front of the building watching a large screen with great excitement as a A-Rise video plays. Upon seeing A-Rise in action, Honaka is struck with inspiration to form a idol unit at her own school.

In theory it seems easy, but between being meet with residence from her friends and even the school council president it might be a more trying feat that Honaka thought.

Authoress' Analysis:

Even though this was not the strongest episode, nor opening I have ever seen it accomplishes what needs to be done. Our main objective of the series is established; saving Otonokizka High School from closing. In addition we get to not only three of our main characters highlighted, but also their relationship with one another. Never-mind Umi's embarrassment at her idol day-dream was perfect.

From the bit of dialog we see Honaka exchange after her fainting spell with Umi and Kotori when she freaks out at the misunderstanding of when the school is closing makes things a little odd as to why she was upset about school. Per the type-cast students with low grades usually are not the biggest fans of school and probably would rejoice at the news at hand. Being able to see Honaka's mother's sadness as she looks though photos of her own days at the school really digs into why it matters so much to Honaka. With the family heritage and her third-year middle school aged sister seeking elsewhere under the belief the school will not be opened come entrance exams it really adds a driving force to Honaka's ambition.

The fact we seen early the future members of the group is a nice touch and does not make it seems as if they just suddenly appeared. Granted the fact they are all in the opening theme does take away any questioning just what their role would be as the series progressed. They really should have not used that sequence until at least the next episode.

The CGI animation, oh dear- ga! I do have to say that it is by no means the worst I have ever seen, but it is less than fantastic. I can understand why they might have made the decision to use it for the performance numbers, from budget to time's sake. They had to do what they had to. Still it is not what I would call attractive by any means. I know that it is something that is a major turn-off, but it does not take away from the episode nor series to the point in impacts the over-all quality.

Because I have watched this more time than I wanted to admit, there really is not a lot to say that I have not already said. And seeing as each episode was watched back to back, well there was never a really need or chance to ponder what might happen.


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