The Possible Future of Disney Afternoon

Sunday, August 2, 2015
Very rarely have I found myself rendered speechless let alone completely un-able to peace words together. In retrospect it is a very good thing as a writer. But right now I cannot properly speak as I perhaps reached a new level of fangirl-ism.

I have been a bit out of things lately and thus perhaps tragically behind, as a post on July thirty-first by Disney Afternoon Forever very recently came onto my radar. The subject in question is that, as you can presume, of the Disney Afternoon.

The house of mouse has been on my mind, and the subject of a lot of articles, as of late due to the countless new developments. Respectfully so.

But this new insight not only caught me off guard, but stirred up a array of emotions.

During a  podcast recording Jim Hall made some interesting comments and remarks in regards to the Disney Afternoon. Because I am not going to re-hash everything that was said I urge you to jump over here for more detailed coverage.

In a nutshell the future looks fairly bright despite the planned Darkwing Duck comic headed by Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani being put on the freeze for the connect to another duck series. Running off the assumption that the Disney Infinity game continues strong and adds a fourth installment, there is a high likelihood that it will be centric to that of the Disney Afternoon with the likes of Darkwing Duck (who is still in the running on the poll), who is the only name that has been noted.

Even though Disney Infinity gone Disney Afternoon style in great food for thought. The main regards is that of the DuckTales reboot that is officially going to be CG and that Disney is not too happy with the direction and new talent is being brought in. And assuming that the new DuckTales is a hit there is already being a short-list of series being considered for returns- Darkwing Duck and Kim Possible.

With all of this a ton is running rouge though my mind. It sucks indefinitely that the Darkwing Duck comic is on hold. I understand why, but it still is bothersome.

Disney Infinity is a very popular game, and has had great success and with the three-point-one coming out soon with fans hyped. I would be beyond shocked if we did not seen another installment next year. Having a entire game at the caliber of Infinity centric to the Disney Afternoon would be a  good way to give a strong re-introduction, but also a fash-y way to get excitement created for DuckTales.

Even though I am no gamer, I very badly want a Darkwing figure! Granted the poor guy is more likely than not going to be nestled between the sailor senshi and Muse. ;) Eh, he can always stand next to Tuxedo Mask.

But as excited as that Afternoon Edition Infinity makes me. The next bit of news stopped me before I could really fangirl. By no means is it good to hear that there are issues in the production of the new series. It could quite possibly be one of the worst thing to hear. Yes, there is always trial and error with any fiction. Still...but it is good that they are working towards improving the series. It really is proof that Disney cares and is giving the series everything it has. That earns a lot of respect.

I more than half-expected to hear that there would not be hand drawn, mostly due to the rise in popularity of it not only in western animation, but anime as well. If done well it can be good. But please do not go and be like Sailor Moon Crystal, Disney. Do not get me wrong, I am a Sailor Moon fan and I did watch and enjoy Crystal despite narrative issues (another post for that), I do not want to see animation issues in DuckTales like we seen in Crystal.

Left original simulcast airing animation and right is edited home-release version.

Okay, that might be extreme example. And I have yet to see any major errors in any other works. But still, please no major issues, please! (The Usagi on the left still kind of creeps me out...)

Otherwise CG animation can be pretty, have great attention to detail and just look crisp.

Only time will tell.

At this point in time it hard to get a fix on how the new DuckTales will be received, after all we know very, very little and there is still a lengthy amount of time until 2017. But the fact Disney is thinking of possibly returning Darkwing as well as Kim Possible is interesting. More ironic is an rather recent article I penned about series that should return I specifically named Kim Possible.

Freaky on so many levels.

From what we are hearing the future is looking very promising for the Disney Afternoon characters with possible returns. Because we are looking off into the future things can and possibly will change. Simply because that is life. I am hopeful, but also moving forward with my guard ready if need be.

Naturally I have a lot of hopes and aspirations for the revolution, and I will be talking about them as we see more come to light. In the meanwhile I wish to some extent that Disney might take a few nods from Toei and release some 'anniversary' DuckTales items. And when I say items I really mean rest of the series on DVD. Then again I would be happy to have it on iTunes only, just something- please!


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