Excuse Me As I Fangirl Over Gilmore Girls Return

Monday, October 19, 2015
There is excitement, and then fangirl excitement. This is the latter.

Long ago, even that of predating my days of fandom and the path of being a writer was my days filled with the likes of the Gilmore Girls. Even after all these years I still carry such found memories of the series and the characters that still deeeply resonate with me.

In truth, it has been some time since I last found myself re-acquainted with the Gilmore family and that of the residences of Stars Hallow. But I have never forgotten them and the lives they lead captured in the seven seasons. I still remember balling my eyes out as the last scenes played of the series final danced across my television.

Even though I do not talk of the series much, it has left a lasting impact on me. Even though I was far out of the demographic's age range when the series was airing ( I was actually five when it started, it was only about three years later did I start following it), I found myself connecting very deeply with Rory. A character that was often marked as a goodie-goodie that set out to do the right thing, adored books and was often found haunting libraries and book-store and shared a deep and close bond with her mom. That was me. Fast-forward today as I write this and that is still me.

Yet the coffee addiction never happened. 

I had always been odd in the sense that I prefer the world crafted in fiction to reality and was always looked at strangely at going to spend time with books and hang-out with my family. Rory was the first character I truly seen myself in. I loved and admired her, it was even thanks to her that I started writing articles and dreaming of a life of being a journalist- something I am now pursing.

It probably is thanks to her, and the series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that I am where I am today.

So upon seeing the title of the series trending tonight on twitter and discovering what I think I should be calling a god-send, Netflix, is giving the series a return had me screaming. Four episodes clocking in at ninety-minutes that reunite everyone with the town filled with characters we love. And at long last we can finally learn the final four words even I have dreamed about.

This is beyond description.

Being just fresh, and steaming hot off the press there is no date or additional information attached. Best guess we will see this next year, but the wait will be worth it. After all, it is nearly ten years since we last seen everyone.

When it does come, however, I will be blogging and reviewing it though to the end. If not for the likes of Gilmore Girls I may have never become a writer. 


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