First Look At Upcoming DuckTales Reboot (Finally!!)

Monday, March 7, 2016
It feels like nothing short of a life-time ago that news broke that the classic Disney series, DuckTales was going to be receiving a reboot.

A life-time might be too strong considering that it was actually last year in February this news was announced. Since then very, very little has been said about the reboot. Beside it happening all, the only information stated is that they original voice cast will not be returning to the series. Not a fan of the news myself, after all the characters where formed with the original voices and voice actors without them...something just seems off.

But I digress, mostly as it is not aiming to be one of those posts.

Today we have our first look at some of the art in the upcoming series. All thanks to Disney's blog.

The blog, and other sources, have been referring to it simply as a image from the upcoming series. Promo art? Cover art? Screenshot? Not sure what it is specifically so it leaves me somewhat puzzled. Yet I like it.

I have seen many comment on how similar style-wise it is to Disney's Mickey Mouse shorts, seeing as I have only seen a few in passing I am not sure just how to take that statement.

The one thing I love about this is the fact that is is 2D. I am, without question, a 2D and hand-drawn fan. I love everything about it. And with a series like DuckTales that has that history and nostalgia to it I want to see a  fusion of past and present.

CGI can be epic, Miraculous alone has gotten me to start to love the animation, but with Ducktales-no.

Clearly there are changes between what we are seeing here and what we know from the original series (DuckTales classic, is that what we should call it now? DuckTales 90s?). But like Sailor Moon Crystal, it is clearly suppose to be a different look onto the world and characters we know.

Now with this out we are probably going to start to see and hear a lot more about the upcoming series. A new chapter is starting, and it is going to be like a hurricane.