Authoress' Fall Anime Selections and Early Impressions and Thoughts

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Outside of writer's block there is nothing worse than finals in fiction.

After a season full of such diverse series led characters that you have come to love- or love to hate- seeing the last page play out is bitter sweet.

From my stand-point, the summer anime season was a grand one and has resulted in some fantastic series that I already know I will miss as soon as the credits roll for one last time.

Love Live Movie- General Thoughs

Monday, September 14, 2015
After months of waiting the Love Live School Idol Movie made it's way to select theaters across America. A affair that was both celebrated and welcomed by fans of the series.

Considering I had been hoping that somewhere close by would be screening the film when word of NIS America getting the rights first came about and per-ordering my ticket only shear hours after the listings became live, I was excited and ready to see next stage for the girls.

So this past weekend I headed down to Columbus, Ohio like many Love Live fans to see Muse shine on the silver screen.

Disney's Star Darlings, Lolirock and Magical Girls in General

Thursday, September 10, 2015
If you follow me over on Tumblr you probably have noted that my blog is full of a mesh of different things ranging from writing tools and hacks to animes that I obsess over- yeah that is normal.

Ever since D23, the Disney-centric convention held last month, I have been keeping a good eye on a new series by the house of mouse known as Disney's Star Darlings. A new series that I have heard a bit about well before it really came into light.  As about a week the web-site launched and with it a array of images.

Ladybug and Cat Noir Coming State-Side in December

Way back in June I had made my first post about the very hyped and anticipated series known as Miraculous Ladybug upon the news that Nick revived the rights for America.