Authoress' Fiction

As many of your probably know blogging is not my only writing centric love, I love turning out my own works of both original and fan fiction. My muse, Midnight, is good at providing me lots of interesting stories and characters to match- but she has some issues helping me get some of it completed. Typical muse, always on their time never ours.

As of right now all my original work is under lock and key- er, password protection as I continue to pen it. I am not quite ready for anyone to meet my characters just yet, but soon. Very soon, I promise.

Last month marked my sixth year of my official start of fan fiction writing (I have to say official because technically I have been doing the entire fan fiction thing forever and never realized it!). Over the years I have written, completed and even deleted many a stories.

So in order to better keep track on what is on hold, chapter in-progress and more, check out this section of my blog for updates on your favorite published work. I will do my best to keep it as up to date as possible.


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