Ladybug and Cat Noir Coming State-Side in December

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Way back in June I had made my first post about the very hyped and anticipated series known as Miraculous Ladybug upon the news that Nick revived the rights for America.

As I had said, it was news that came across surprising and worrisome given the network's track-record with other acquired programming such as Winx Club. I voice my concerns and reasonded them, and somehow that post is my single most popular one to day. (Yes, I know. I need to catch up n blogging.)

Originally the series has been slated to come to airwaves in the fall, October was the official month given. No big deal.

However according to news reports and a article on Anime News Network that caught my eye it appears that October is no longer the premier. Instead the series has been pushed back to a December releases. The sixth of the month at noon to be more specific- the series' official time-slot.

This was ruffly my reaction.

I have no idea what the inner-workings are for series are like, nor rights distribution. Things happen, and that is unavoidable. For that I cannot fault anyone specifically with no knowledge of reasoning.

According to a post on Tumblr, someone who has spoken with Christina Vee, voice of Mariette, has noted that she has not done much recording on the series yet. It is reason enough to understand why the project might have been pushed back. Again things happen.

But that time-slot. Crap.

Sound familiar? It should as it was the same one Winx had, you know, before they pulled the show to online only to recently be placed airing on Nick Junior. It is a death slot.

Sunday's tend to be a crazy time of the week for any number of reasons for everyone of all ages; activities, commitments, family...the list goes on. Today less and less people are watching live broadcast programs and are opting to DVR, stream or simply buy off the likes of iTunes instead of waiting at home for something to air as many of us use to do. The world today is on the go and there is a strong desire for content at the touch of the fingertips rather than remote.

The numbers of consumers who are 'cutting the cord' are rising and countless reports and statistics back this. Things are changing from the days you would wait by the television for a series to air.

All of this factors in.

December is a crazy month in a own right; with the holidays among the masses. Regardless of Holiday of choice, the month is filled. With parties, traveling, family gatherings, traditional activities and winter-time activities (if you are like me and live in a snowy region). With everyone's mind flooded with ideas of 'the perfect holiday' and wishes of the celebrations, the norm sometimes gets cast aside. Standard series air less often in favorite of Christmas themed programming. Everyone claimers to their favorites for group viewing to help set the mood- hardly the best time to debut a new series that might find itself lost in the shuffle.

I have a hard time imaging those in the target market for Ladybug choosing it over favorited movies they can only indulge in once a year.

If the early ratings are weak it will not be on the content's quality.

Ladybug has already begin airing in Korea and has found herself a hit with fans only two episodes in proving the series is well on a path of bright horizons. The series will go far, but here in America it looks like the left shoe was dropped at the gate resulting in a tumbled start.

As I have said before, I want to be wrong about thinking that this is Winx round two. I very much so want to be. But at the same time I am not going to pretend it is not possible. I have already seen the first two episodes of the Korean version and am positive the series is going to be strong- it just needs to be given a real chance here to make that clear.


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