About the Authoress

Greetings, and welcome to my blog. As you probably already know my name is Ella. I am a admittedly less than normal twenty-year-old who typically does not talk a lot about herself. After all why would I when there are so many more interesting characters that other great writers create and ones I myself do?

But back on topic- I am a writer, blogger, freelance writer over at BSCKids, major fangirl and a lot of other things. Ever since I signed up on fanfiction.net almost six years ago life has changed for me in a lot of unexpected ways leading me to venture far outside of my comfort zone. From starting to 'seriously' start writing, making some great friends, getting really brought into the magical world that is fandom and starting to take steps towards my goal of being a real writer and see my fiction on the shelves.

Like I said, I am not ordinary. And that is okay.

Authoress' Wings is a reboot of my older blog that I had hosted on this same url. Writing, life, fandom, anime, animation- basically a wide range of topics and news articles will be featured here.

I have no idea what is coming up, or what will happen next, but follow me write now. :)


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