Love Live Movie- General Thoughs

Monday, September 14, 2015
After months of waiting the Love Live School Idol Movie made it's way to select theaters across America. A affair that was both celebrated and welcomed by fans of the series.

Considering I had been hoping that somewhere close by would be screening the film when word of NIS America getting the rights first came about and per-ordering my ticket only shear hours after the listings became live, I was excited and ready to see next stage for the girls.

So this past weekend I headed down to Columbus, Ohio like many Love Live fans to see Muse shine on the silver screen.

Even though I have been a long-standing member of fandom for quite some time now, my sixth anniversary of fan fiction writing is this Sunday, this is only my third offline affair. (The first Equestria Girls' movie showing and New York Comic Con respectively being the previous.)

Going in I was rather nervous; new area with a pool of other fans that I had never spoke to or met. Never-mind the fact I was going alone and there was a open lounge a hour before for fans to hang out and talk. Despite being excited about it all, a part of me was concerned that this might be closer towards my experience with the Equestria Girls film. Even though it had been great watching the film with fans of rather like-minds and sharing reactions- interacting with them before hand was trying and un-sucessful. By no means do I believe that that specific fandom as a hole is like that, but this specific group was.

I was more than glad when I came to learn that the Love Live fans I met where far more warm and shared the same excitement and passion to see the beloved Muse on-screen. Even if we might not have shared who we count as 'best girl'. It was great talking with other fans and seeing just how greatly Love Live has effected everyone.

As I promised over on my Tumblr, I am not going to be doing any spoiler filled least not yet. I have already taken it upon myself to pre-order the Blu-Ray from Japan and according to the web-site I will have it before Christmas. I can just applaud them for including English subtitles on their releases? It was both exciting and surprising to discover this, more so when you are mindful of the fact we have a wait ahead of us here in North America until our release. Never mind the fact I am very much so a subtitled fan.

So a full review full of analyzing is coming. Reviewing content is much easier when I have it before me.

One thing I must confess is that even before I hit the pre-order button for my ticket months ago I was already completely aware of what happened thanks to coming across (read- hunting high and low for spoilers) full summaries. Yet even knowing everything did not take away from the pleasure of viewing the movie for myself.

The film is not what I will call the greatest I have ever seen. I feel the best short example of it I can give is that of the DuckTales' movie; great for die-hard fans, but for everyone else it is 'meh'. There are things I really loved such as seeing the girls again, and things I disliked and wished had been done differently.

I know a lot of people, fans and not, are calling it milking a cash cow; even though I do understand where that is coming from in a way I do feel like we needed this movie just to get a true closure of the chapter. Yes it is milked, but I can say with confident that it is no where as badly milked as other series I have seen. Because they allowed Muse to grow and in the end do what needed done in a way that was right for them.

I kind of respect that.

Like most other fans it really was the experience that made this such a big deal; being part of something that is jokingly taking over the world was something to be had. Sharing the reactions from laughs to gasps where great, even at one point some fans called out remarks and it was not awkward nor out of place. The single best theater experience I have ever had with such a great and warm collective group of fans. It really brings home what fandom is and means.


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